It uses naural resources: mineral waters (sulfur water and hydrogen sulphide water), gas ingredients of waters and air in the form of various treatments (carbon dioxide, ozone etc.).


    Unique souurces of sulphide waters make Busko Zdrój one of the leading spas in Europe. They contain  active sulphur compounds and other precious macro i microelements inter alia calcium, magnesium  iodine and bromine.

    Effectiveness of sulphide baths has been proven scientifically proven and supported by numerous researches. They have regenerating influence on connective tissue and joint cartilage what supports treatment of arthritis, reumathoid arthritis, disc disease and spine pains. What is more, healing properties of sulphied baths is well known in dermatology in treatment of psoriasis and other skin diseases. 

    Recommended time of bath 10-15 minutes, and optimal temperature: 36-37 ᵒC. During the treatment you should lie calmly and should not make any rapid movements. It halts releasing medicinal compounds. It is also advisable to rest in horizontal position for a half an hour after this treatment and avoid excessive sun exposure and alcohol. 

    The treatment is possible in different forms: baths, half-baths and partial baths.


    It is a medicinal bath in water with CO2 that is released on the skin in the form of odourless bubbles. Thanks to  vasodilatory effect it is recommended to people with high blood pressure, circulation disorders, ischemia of the lower limbs and polyneuropathies of different origins. Apart from medicinal properties this bath has a relaxing and sedative effect what is used in treatment of  neurosis of various origins.

    This treatment takes about 10-15 min., average temp.  32-34ᵒC. It is recommended to limit movements to avoid of shaking down of carbonic acid anhydride bubbles. What is more, the head should be held over the water surface. After the treatment you should dry your skin gently with a towel and have some rest. 


    Brine is a medicinal water containing chloride anions and sodium cations. Iones of these chemical elements create a salty coat on the body which under  the action of changing charges acts as an analgesic. It reduces irritability of nervous endings causing better blood circulation in tissues and stabilization of blood pressure at the same time. That is why this treatment is recommended to people suffering from rheumatoid arthritis, motor organ disorders or chronic respiratory diseases. 

    During the bath it is important to rub brine into the chest area and joints. After the treatment it is necessary to rest in a horizontal position. Average time of the treatment is around 10-15 min, temperature 37-38ᵒC.

    In our spa the treatment is in different forms: baths, brine-whirling baths of upper and lower limbs. 


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